If you are a fan of the sport of sliding cars and the thrill of destroying tires such a competitive event has a new agenda to host an Intercontinental Drifting Cup event in Japan. This would be hosted by FIA, the first of its kind and certainly a one up in the world of drifting competitions.

Indeed, the sport of drifting which is a competition that is carefully choreographed has gained popularity over the years. It was a grassroots event that started in the mountainous regions of Japan. Today it is a worldwide phenomenon and one that has caught the fancy of auto racing enthusiasts in Australia as well as US. Today there are events that are fully sanctioned and are watched and followed by a fan community that spans into millions. The FIA is one of the new members to want a pie slice out of such events and hence its endeavor to host the first Intercontinental competition in this category. The event is scheduled to be held this fall and the venue is Daiba in Tokyo.

The premier bodies that have sanctioned drifting events till now are Formula Drift, Grand Prix, and D1. FIA, on the other hand, is known to host events like the Formula 1 World Championship, the World Endurance Championship, and World Rally Championship among others. The move that the corporation has taken to include a drifting event in its fold will also introduce its events to a younger audience and a new segment of followers and enthusiasts into its fold.

Many critics look down on the sport of drifting that does prove to be a wasteful recreation. However, the sports elements that drifting races combine are that of skills required in BMX biking or skateboarding. The events focus on style and form rather than on the lap times or raw speed as characterized other auto competitions. Such an event and its style put it apart from the usual FIA events. Sunpros would be the key promoter of the event who is also known to have made D1 Grand Prix popular across the world.

The competition is slated to take place on September 30th to October 1st. The exact details of the regulations of the events and competitors taking part would be revealed in due time.

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