For those who are uninitiated in the world of Hot Import Nights, this is an auto show that originally started in California. It has since been held in different cities across US as well as in other countries.  The events are sponsored by a company whose operational headquarters is in Orange County of California. The company has a widespread associate network that is spread across countries and continents like Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and other places. For the community of car enthusiasts, this company has much to offer.

Being a promotional platform for car makers, this company is dedicated to creating high technology and buzzing events that are filled with agendas like car shows, fashion shows, DJ parties and more. The events created to help to build hype for certain car brands or models that are being promoted through the participative events that are staged. For the 2010 show that was held in collaboration with NOPI HIN organized a car show that was named HIN NOPI Supershow Tour. The tour comprised of a two day event that was held across seven cities in the US. Though the tour finally comprised of four shows only, the initial plan shows the grandeur of the events that are planned by HIN with their promoters. A similar high profile event was staged in 2012 with XDC that is known as Xtreme Drift Circuit.

Hot Import Nights has had several legendary events staged for different car brands, retailers and other promoters. For instance, in 2011 they hosted events in single nights across several cities in the US. The usual venues for such events are in New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles and others that can comprise of exotic destinations like Honolulu. Besides the auto shows that are the highlights of these events there are noteworthy live performances at such events done with rap and hip hop artists. Electronic dance music, trance parties is common at such shows that are hosted by notable DJs.

The HIN is also known for the hot models that are featured a HIN girlfriend in these events. They come on to promote the car brands, as advertisers of different products and brands as well as to dance or sashay down the runway or during the DJ music parties.

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